Cold Storage Room
MODEL : C D F 7895 D
MODEL : C S D 1108 H
Industries that find our cold storage solutions enormously useful include the agriculture sector including horticulture and floriculture units, manufacturers of fresh produce of any kind, food processing units, pharmaceutical industries, seafood and other similar industries, as well as the dairy and hospitality sectors, including hotels, restaurants, and cateries.

We offer the cold storage units built by our  team of experts who understand all aspects of preservation.



Ideally designed for stacking different types of food products, vegetables and fruits, we have our cold rooms. These modular enclosures are fabricated from high quality raw materials that assure durability. These cold rooms have controlled temperature required for properly storing different food items and avoid them from getting rotten or spoiled. The different factors on which one cold room varies from the other are: 

• Condensing unit
• Compressor
• Refrigerant
• Power Supply
• Dimensions W x D x H
• Cooling Capacity
• Number of evaporators


MODEL : C S F 5621 R

MODEL : SPC 5891 .SD

Cold Rooms

We offer the most innovative range of cold rooms from our Cold Storage Division. We have the most advance and especialized techonology of Installation Cold Storage rooms. Manufactured to meet the precise needs of diverse users, our unique cold rooms are the most suitable unit to store wide perishable products or items which are sensitive to extreme temperature conditions. The product is designed to serve diverse industries distributed all across the sectors.

The cold rooms that we deal in have wide application in numerous agriculture, floriculture, and horticulture sector. The rooms have high utility in pharmaceutical industries, food processing units for preserving produces. It is also a sought-after product in industries for storing seafood and dairy products. In addition to this, it is also considered a highly essential product in the diverse private and public hospitals, hotels, and restaurants.



Cold Storage Room

Professional customized design & supply with chilling & freezing temperature and wide range of tailor-made small, medium and large size of walk-in refrigerator, chiller, cooler, freezer cold storage warehouse, refrigerated warehouse, cold store plant...


MODEL: F C D 2654

Cold Storage Doors

Cold Storage Doors and windows are available in both PUF Panel and EPS Thermoform insulations. These doors and windows are available in wooden frame and PVC coated steel and SS steel frames. These air tight leak proof doors are specially designed  for commercial & industrial cold storages. The PVC coated doors and SS doors are corrosion resistant.


MODEL: F C D 2887 H
MODEL : RSC 9857 A S
FOSTER Dual Unit Walk In Fridge & freezer


Cold storage room. New energy saving product Insulated cold storage panels, product high- density Strong, fire prevention, no rusted,
38 2kgs,42-45kgs/m3
OEM will be warmly welcome.

Material:Pu insulated sandwich panel
Color:white painted,SUS304 stainless steel,aluminium
Plate type:white painted stainless steel,SUS 304 stainless steel,aluminium
Package:hard brown paper/box or bulk packing